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Friday, January 29, 2016

Amazon Making Changes

Many of you who are trekking out onto the scary journey of Indie authorship may have heard the eBook giant, Amazon is making some quality control crack downs beginning in a few weeks.

At first the rumors flew that if a word was misspelled the beloved novel would get a glaring yellow warning to readers to stay clear. I had a mini panic attack because...well I write fantasy...a.k.a I made up A LOT of words.

Then after a quick breather and some research I realized this was not going to be the case. In fact, I determined this will be a GOOD THING. There are so many books on Amazon, I have truly found some gems as a reader, BUT not to sound harsh--there is also a lot of crap.

I've purchased books and found it littered with typos which is agitating and distracting. There have been several books that I loved the first chapter then as I continued reading it turned into a graphic, dark sexual creeper book when the description stated it was a soft romance, maybe my definition of soft is too soft, I'm not sure.

The good part about all this is I know you, my writing friends, will dot your 'I's' and cross your 'T's'. You will find a good editor before publishing (please). You will present a professional brilliant book that will be enjoyed by your readers. Because you will do all these things, your book will have no reason to worry about an ugly warning sticker. This will give you that much more of an advantage over another book in your genre that took the easy way and published before the novel was ready.

One more thing to ease your mind, Amazon will email the author if they find any issues. You will have notification of the issues and have time to either fix them or take your book down.

Amazon is constantly changing their policies, as indie authors all we can do is adjust our strategies and tactics and roll with it to ensure we have a long term, successful career. 

Keep going, keep writing!

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