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I go by the pen name L.J. Andrews. Why? Because it's kind of fun to have an alternate identity. Okay, and the name was formed by people dear to my heart. I have been writing since I could spell, and thankfully over 23 years my writing has improved. I have a formal degree in Occupational Therapy, and have loved my time serving those in the geriatric population. My true love is writing and literature, however, and I figured it was about time to work on fulfilling that dream.

I have four beautiful, inspiring, stubborn children that take up the majority of my attention and a wonderfully supportive husband, who just so happens to be a master at developmental editing.
I live in the snowy mountains of Utah, and love to make each day count. I've learned in my young life dreams are not out of reach, we tell ourselves that. I don't know where my books will take, me but I'm sure excited to find out!

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