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Monday, August 22, 2016


Can you believe this day is finally here? I can't either, because it has been YEARS of work. There were many days I felt like it would never happen. It takes a lot to put your book out there. What I mean by a lot is, a lot of overcoming self doubt. This is my heart on my sleeve for other people to either LOVE (that is what I foresee) or hate...hopefully not the latter. 

I can't just sit on these books though, they need to be read by amazing readers. And now they can be!

Below I've listed every link where you can find the eBOOK links as well as a print book link for Rise of a Guardian. Trinity Rises is still in the proof stage for the print book, but it too will be available hopefully by next week in print form. 

Enjoy Rise of a Guardian for Free! Yes, I said free (eBook version).  I think you'll be happy to find a little surprise inside too with a little bit extra for you loyal readers.

All I can ask of you is to download the books and SPREAD THE WORD! That is how the best of books are found through reviews and word of mouth. I will always believe that. 

Love you all! 

Enjoy the debut release of 

The Lost Relics: Rise of a Guardian: