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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Query Letter that got me a full request

For months I heard crickets when it came to my query letter. After having no return from sending my letter to small and large presses/agents I set out on a journey of becoming a successful self-publisher.

Well low and behold this morning I received and email from one of my long forgotten query letter recipients requesting a full manuscript. Now, for those who may not know this does not mean a publishing contract this means they were "hooked" and want to read the entire manuscript. I stared at the email for a while before realizing that "Wow, I actually received a response."

At this point, I'm interested in sending the manuscript, but I know I will still have to do much of the promoting. From other authors I've heard this is very common in today's world; publishers do not just do everything for you. I've invested in Nick Stephenson's 10K reader program and I LOVE IT so far. It is teaching me so much about promoting, keywords, mail lists etc. So even if I send the manuscript and even if they love it, I'm still leaning toward self-pub.

So if you are attempting to reach out to the traditional publishing world with queries I thought I would share my letter for you.

**I should note this particular publishing company loves Indie authors and likes to know authors know how to help promote their books which is typical in today's world. That is why I wrote about what I understand about digital advertising a promotion. From my experience it is key to make sure you personalize every detail of your letter. I'll update you on my next moves.

Dear Ms. -----,
I am a new author seeking publication for my Young Adult fantasy novel, The Forgotten Realms: The Rise of a Guardian. The manuscript is complete at 87,000 words and is the first in a planned trilogy. I believe you will find interest in my manuscript due to your call for stories filled with diverse voices and unique settings readers will never forget. I am confident The Relics will take readers on an uplifting adventure stocked with thrilling worlds, enthralling characters, and enchanting friendships.
Magic and myths never held stock with Killian Thomas, frankly fairy tales were for the dim-minded. But when a secret-society that calls themselves the Trinity sends deadly Malumian wolves to kill him dark legends of old become all too real.

After the near fatal attack he is whisked away to the highly advanced world of the  Ponderi by Blake, an undercover Ponderi guardian. The ancient community protects the four realms of the Hemisphere. Killian soon learns the family he thought abandoned him as a young boy has deep roots in the Ponderi's mysterious world, and may even be alive but in hiding. Killian's bloodline is strong, and his is one of four families charged with protecting powerful relics. Now the relics are lost, and the Ponderi are desperate to find them before the Trinity does. Without Killian and the strength of a mysterious ability manifesting in his mind, the Trinity will find the lost relics first. They plan to use them to destroy his home realm, which they view as an abomination, along with countless innocent lives. It's up to Killian, and his new friends, to find the relics before the bloodthirsty society; but sometimes the closest allies are also the most devious enemies.

The Forgotten Realm Series is an epic fantasy adventure full of alternate realms, powerful magic, inspiring lessons of love and trust, and wrenching betrayal. The series will take fantasy fans on an unforgettable journey they will read again and again.

 I am a writer by passion, and have spent several years developing my skill and community through blogging and networking. I have gained confidence in digital publishing strategies and social media marketing through numerous courses and study, but there is always more to learn. I feel passionate about my books, and want to help readers find and fall in love with The Forgotten Realms without getting lost in an endless mountain of books. Writing allows me a wonderful outlet to escape the beautiful, but crazy day to day, and I feel a deep satisfaction when readers find their own escape through my stories. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

L.J. Andrews (Pen Name)

Happy Writing and good luck with your own query!

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