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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Forest of Demons- Author Spotlight

Hello all my myth/legend lovers. I wanted to spotlight a great book that is up for nomination for the Kindle Scout Program (Kindle Publishing Service). 

I was impressed with the background of what brought this novel to fruition, but also the captivating cover work, and great plot outline. 

I hope you will all consider taking one minute to follow the Kindle Scout link and nominate this book for publication. You may ask if anything is in it for a matter of fact there is. If the book is selected for publication EVERYONE who nominated the book will receive a FREE copy--no strings attached! Pretty sweet deal. 

Authors are nothing without fabulous readers like yourselves. So check out the blurb, author bio and cover. I know you will be as impressed as I was!

Debbie Cassidy - Author bio

Debbie is the Cassidy half of the writing duo, Amos Cassidy. A stay at home mum with three active kids, Debbie loves nothing more than to curl up with her laptop at the end of the day and jump into whatever world she's creating that month. Debbie has co-authored several Urban Fantasy books with her writing partner, Richard Amos, but Forest of Demons is her first solo venture.

Book Blurb:

No one goes into the forest alone.

No one steps off the beaten path

Nineteen-year-old Priya has lived in the shadow of the forest all her life. She knows the rules better than anyone. Do not go into the forest alone and never stray from the beaten path. Her village has lived in tentative peace with the inhabitants of the forest for decades, until the day that someone breaks the rules.
With first blood drawn, Priya’s dreams of leaving for the Capitol are put on hold as the village goes into lockdown. The unbearable heat shifts to a bone-chilling winter and just as Priya thinks she will be trapped forever, two strangers stumble into the village with a fantastical story that will shatter all her conventions, freeing her at a horrifying cost.
Now Priya’s dreams are coming true, but in a way she could never have imagined, and the burden of protecting her people falls upon her shoulders. Will Priya succeed in delivering a message that could save them all?
From the dusty heat of a small village, to the icy grandeur of the Capitol, Priya must make an impossible journey.

Freedom always comes at a price.

So what prompted Debbie to write Forest of Demons?

Hi, my name is Debbie Cassidy, and for the past few years I’ve been writing as a duo under the pen name Amos Cassidy. A couple of years ago my dad got really sick. I decided to write a book for him based on the mythology he loved the most. This would be my first solo venture. I got him involved with the research and asked him a ton of questions, and finally, last year, I had a first draft. Although my dad is no longer here to see it, I know he’d want me to share Forest of Demons with others. He was a huge advocate of my writing and my biggest fan. When I found out about Kindle Scout, I knew I had to give it a shot.

Check out Forest of Demons and if you like what you read then click nominate to support her!
If Forest of Demons is selected for publication by Kindle Press then everyone who nominated it will receive a FREE copy upon publication.

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