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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Publishing with Kindle Scout...So Far

Hello fellow writers and readers! I wanted to share my experience with placing Rise of a Guardian in a Kindle Scout campaign, since I've now reached the halfway mark.

First of all it has been EXCITING! Whether or not I am published through Kindle Scout I have been able to meet some amazing people and network with a slew of others I never would have met otherwise.

My book has been in the hot and trending category for approximately 50% of the time. Now, I am still a starving author with little people to feed so I have not drained my bank account with paid ads, though I have done a few.

  • I boosted a Facebook post 
  • I posted in every group I can on Facebook
  • I started a Headtalker campaign
  • I've paid someone on Fiverr to help promote the campaign
  • Posted on my personal Facebook page...A LOT.
  • Blog tour scheduled to start tomorrow...I'll be posting a lot here so you can follow the tour :)

The things that have helped me the most with views and nominations have been posting on my personal Facebook page and boosting my post on my writer's page. That, I haven't seen amazing spikes with Fiverr or Headtalker unfortunately. I'm looking forward to the blog tour and can't wait to see the results from that event. Right now Rise of a Guardian is in the Hot category, and I hope the tour will help it stay there for a few more days. 

Some thoughts about the way Amazon works. I don't feel it is necessary for books to stay in the Hot category for the entire 30 days, some do and still aren't offered a contract. I believe in anything you set out to accomplish you go all in as much as possible. I cannot pay hundreds of dollars at the moment to keep advertising, but I'm doing all I POSSIBLY can. I have received a lot of support from people around the world for my book and I have been humbled. 

As I've reached the halfway point I have come to the conclusion, despite the outcome of my book, I have a GOOD BOOK. Beta readers have loved it, I have made amazing author friendships with fellow writers, my book will be read by (hopefully) thousands with or without a publishing contract, and ultimately I have done my best work with my campaign so far and with my book. 

Please comment below or message me if you have had your own Kindle scout experience, or would like to know more about book one, Rise of a Guardian, in The Lost Relic series. 

Happy Writing,


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