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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Top 6 Tips for Being Productive

We all have those moments when we can't seem to muster up any motivation to work--or get off the couch and stop the Harry Potter Marathon. I know you do it too.

I've found especially during this fun festive season it can be very hard to find time to work on your goals, writing, or projects...unless it involves a Christmas gift. I get it, I think the last three days I've written one paragraph in book 2 of the Relic series. Yikes, my publication date for the entire trilogy is in the spring!!!

So as I've realized how frazzled I've let myself get I've written out my six strategies for staying productive, making progress, and writing more. Now as my gift for you this holiday season I'd like to share them.

1- Prioritize your to-do list:

  •  This may sound simple enough, but it's amazing how many of us get thrown off our lists (even if you write out the list). You must prioritize your tasks and DO NOT move on until the previous task is complete. This will help you stay focused and motivated to move on to the next task.

2- Decrease distractions:
  • Again, probably obvious. Then why do experts always mention decrease distractions? Because we don't do it. Now, I understand distractions. I have three munchkins under the age of 7, my oldest is in school so she is not much of a whirlwind, but my younger boys are tornadoes. I can't pee in peace...they find me. Add a Christmas tree with breakable ornaments and presents waiting to be opened into the mix--yikes, I get it. I'm talking more, when you actually are sitting in your own space ready to work,and ready to write. Turn your phone on airplane mode if you have to, disconnect the internet if you can so you don't scroll through the endless feed of Facebook. I struggle with this too, if I am at a bump in my writing I always find I 'take a break' on Facebook. That's not going to inspire me: maybe exercising, reading, blogging would be a better 'break' time activity.

3- Wake up with Determination:
  • This isn't always easy. I am a firm believer if we tell ourselves the day is going to be "one of those days" it will be. I believe our minds and attitude are extremely powerful. If you had a sleepless night, I understand feeling tired and wanting to slug around all day, but it will be a day wasted. I'm all for resting and sleep, but I also know as adults we can't just stop living for a day. If you can, I want to know what you do for a living. I highly recommend Yoga. I have found great invigoration doing Yoga when I'm tired, stressed or just sluggish. Surf Youtube, there are so many great videos that take about 15 minutes to do and you'll feel different I promise. (and guys, my husband does Yoga with me sometimes, so feel free to try it out)

4- Organize your space:
  • This actually can fit in with decrease your distractions, but I view this as physical not virtual distractions. I am not organized. I'll admit it, it is not a talent of mine. I'm clean and I can scrub toilets like nobody's business, but I am not organized. I find if I let things go too much I will begin to feel stressed, uneasy and frazzled internally. If you step back and slowly organize your space, whether it's your room, desk, car--wherever I have a inkling you will feel better and be more productive. 

5- Avoid T.V.:
  • Hold up, before I'm labeled as a T.V. hater...I'm not. That's why it's on my list. I love T.V. and I can get majorly lost in it. I can flip on Netflix and watch FOUR episodes of a show in a row. That's like 3 hours of wasted time! I could have spent that time doing all the above things and feeling quite pleased with myself by lunch time. I find when I spend my day doing the things that will better myself, such as attending to my children, reading, writing, nourishing my body, by the end of the day if I want to watch a movie or T. V. show I do so very restful. When my sink is full of dishes, homework was ignored and not finished, or I haven't blogged or written I'm doing those things with a stressed mind, with the T.V. on and I don't produce quality work. 

6- Set aside five minutes each morning for personal development:
  • I think this last step can be life changing. Whether you focus on spiritual development, business development, or true personal development setting aside five minutes is amazing. I subscribe to Darren Daily and guys it's awesome. I receive a text each morning and a link to a five minute video. This guy is very motivating and I feel ready to conquer my day. I also recommend reading development books, or finance books. If you are wanting to change your lifestyle this is a critical step in staying focused and productive. 

I hope these help. I'm not always perfect at these steps, but the days I am are wonderful and refreshing. I want you all to keep striving for greatness. Reach your goals, I'm right there with you trying my best. Feel free to comment with your own productivity ideas. I love new input!

Happy Writing

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