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Monday, December 21, 2015

Pushing through problems to reach success

Today has been a thoughtful day. The holidays are here, everything is magical, my kiddos can practically hear Santa's sleigh bells (my seven-year-old asked today if we could call him his proper name, Chris Kringle, haha). But through all this my family has been hitting some bumps in the road.

My sweet youngest guy has had a year of tests and doctor visits (he's good, just some things that had to be double checked.) We are now at the end of the year and bombarded with bills from multiple doctors. I'm not meaning to get too personal and am not trying to be woe is me, in fact quite the opposite.

I mentioned above today has been a thoughtful day. Because of these lovely expenses, which I will gladly pay (somehow) for my boy, I nearly decided to shelf my upcoming series because I decided it wouldn't be practical to pay for more editing, cover design, ads etc. Then the thought came to me...No, aren't things worth reaching for found in some of our most trying moments? Think about it, most things that are great and worth attaining come from hard, tedious, sometimes emotionally draining work.

Think of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, JK Rowling, even Stephen King. The famous entrepreneurs were ridiculed, they failed miserably multiple, if not hundreds of times, yet we still know their names for their accomplishments. The two authors mentioned, JK Rowling was 'as poor as you could be without being homeless' according to her when she wrote Harry Potter, holy cow talk about a success story. Stephen King has said before he was rejected over and over and over again. Now he is the name of horror in my opinion.

The point of this soap box is to hopefully motivate you to keep going with your ambitions. It won't get easier, it may even seem more hopeless, but as I pondered my own situation someday somehow I knew it would be a big mistake if I did not continue forward with my books. Take a self inventory of your own situation, and decide if somewhere inside yourself you know your goal is worth reaching no matter how uphill the climb may be. I believe there is greatness in all of us, just few of us hold on until we reach the top of the climb.

Good luck with all your brilliant ambitions and Happy Writing. 

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