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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Step 1 in improving your writing

I have a tip to you all if you are trying to improve at something. I personally am trying to improve my writing skills, and be the best authorpreneur I can be. So how do you get better at something, I mean besides practice (come on I knew you were going to say that).

Any guesses?

Study it.

Yes, that's right. Study your passion. Practice is wonderful and truly necessary, but you also must study and make effort to become a wannabe expert in your chosen desire. Using writing as an example, if you have the means attending writing conferences is a perfect example. Join critique groups, listen to podcasts from experienced authors such as:

I recommend reading blogs from other authors (look you're reading this so you're studying already). The more you can learn and take action the greater a product you will produce someday. There is a slush of information available, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Write a daily goal and read one article, submit your work for one critique, buy a How To book, and read. Ponder about your idea, visualize it, whatever you do break down the amount of information into small daily steps and you won't be as burdened by the vast wall of info dumping out there.

Here are some helpful links to books or blogs I've found quite helpful in my journey of writing and personal growth:

Happy Writing!

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