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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Finding Your Voice

Writing, whether it is short stories, poetry, non-fiction, or a full on novel, is a very personal journey. Think about when you read a book, then you move on to another story -- it's different, right? Because each author has their own voice -- their own style of writing!

Personally right now I am reading Les Miserables by:Victor Hugo and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, talk about a different voice, more like a different era!

Reading different styles, lengths, genres, and a variety of different authors you become more and more able to flesh out your own author's voice and style of writing.
Get ready for the game changer... the more you read, the more you  learn to read like a writer! Say what?!

Reading books like a writer changes the entire reading experience, in my opinion, you are now able to see behind the words and find the author splattered among them. Each author has their own personality, their likes and dislikes, their wants and desires for each one of their characters! It takes you deeper into the story, you now become like your oh-so-wise English instructors that could dissect the true meaning behind Lord of the Flies without batting an eye!

Using Les Miserable as an example, most know the story, but I am going to paint the picture I have gathered of Victor Hugo's feelings towards Javert. Most people, from the musical production and movie, view Javert as the "villain" however, Hugo paints a picture of Javert as someone who simply doesn't understand how to not be righteous! He doesn't understand how to "bend the rules" or make exceptions. From the voice that comes in Hugo's description of the character he isn't a "bad guy" he is simply so righteous and so good, he can't find it within himself to forgive the faults of others or accept a repentant heart. Those who sin in his eyes are not righteous, therefore they are criminals.

Finding your voice to describe the arc of your writing or your characters is one of the most exciting parts of the writing journey. Once the author finds their style and voice, the characters just leap off the page because they now have become a realistic individual!

The take away thought, I would like to leave. Is accept others for their individual writing styles. No author writes the same, I am inspired by music. When I write my intense scenes that are packed full of action I replay the same song over and over until I have it written...for the current novel it is Centuries, from Fall out Boy, but that is beside the point. It helps me visualize the moments in my stories like it is a movie in my head, because let's face it the music in movies totally make the scene!

Maybe you like to outline, maybe you like to just type away and see where it takes you! Perhaps you like to hand write your stories with the old pen and paper? Maybe you stand or record your own voice...the point is it doesn't matter! Find what works for you and roll with it...or write with it!

Writing a work of art, has some guidelines that are important to follow so you stay collected, sane, and organized, but tell naysayers who bash your style of writing to go sit on a pin -- that's right you heard me...Sit. On. A. Pin!

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